Where are you located? / Where is your bakery?

This is probably my #1 question, so I will answer it straight away for you! Neufangled Desserts currently does not have a brick-and-mortar location or shop. Typically, I take special orders, which are baked out of the Sugar & Flour kitchen located on Broad Street in Greendale. Occasionally, and where the law permits, I may bake out of my home kitchen (Wisconsin recently passed a law allowing home bakers to create and sell baked goods out of their own home kitchens, but the permitted list of items is limited and specific).

Orders may be picked up at Sugar & Flour or at my home address located in Bay View. When placing an order, please note which pick-up location you would prefer. As a rule, I bake at the Sugar & Flour kitchen on Fridays, during the day, if you would prefer to meet me at that location.

Sugar & Flour


Mark's Home Kitchen


How much notice do you prefer on an order?

As I am the only baker for my business, I typically prefer up to 2 weeks notice, but I can occasionally handle 1 week. I need the time to plan, shop for the right ingredients, and prepare your order. 

For weddings and larger events, I ask for notice much further out - typically 1 month to 6 months, potentially even a year. The earlier, the better!

What is the process for placing an order?

The best way to get a hold of me and guarantee a faster response is by email: neufangleddesserts@gmail.com. You can also call me at 262.565.8134, or contact me via my Neufangled Desserts Facebook page (Messenger), but I confess my preference is usually for email communication at the Gmail address provided. 

Additionally, there are little "buttons" throughout this site for placing an order or meeting with me. Click on these, fill out the form, send it, and I will receive your request directly into my email box. I will do my very best to respond to you promptly.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash or check (made out to Neufangled Desserts) is preferred, but I do also accept credit card payments. Payment is also preferred upfront, but in many cases, I will accept payment at the time of delivery or pick-up (it tends to be easier). 

Do you deliver?

Within the city of Milwaukee proper and in the city/immediate outskirts of Greendale, I will happily deliver your dessert to you free of charge. Outside of that, I will deliver your dessert(s) to you at the current federal business mileage reimbursable rate ($.545 per mile) to and from my home in Milwaukee or the kitchen in Greendale (whichever applies and/or is closer). When you place your order, and should you wish to have it delivered, please specify your address so I can tell you whether the rate would apply.

Delivery charges also apply for weddings and events. Table set-up is typically included in the delivery cost. Additional costs apply if you are renting serving plates from me, or need me to remain to staff and serve at your event.

Do you mail/ship desserts?

I wish that I could! I have many wonderful fans from all over! With a few exceptions (namely, cookies and brownies), Neufangled Desserts does not currently ship out desserts. In many cases, desserts that are fragile and/or require refrigeration are just not able to be shipped - or, I do not currently have the tools or ability to ship them.

If you live far from me and wish to place an order, please feel free to contact me to discuss whether the dessert you would like is "ship-able" to you. Cost of mailing/shipping is to be paid in full by the customer, and when placing the order, please keep in mind enough time for the shipped item(s) to arrive. 

Do you do wedding consultations/tastings?

I do! I actually prefer meeting in person with wedding couples and any interested family members or friends to discuss your preferences, likes/dislikes, and what you are looking for with your wedding desserts. Traditionally, I will invite you to meet me for coffee at an agreed upon date and location. After this initial meeting, I may ask to meet again with you to discuss price quotes and my recommendations. Please see the Weddings page for more details about tastings. 

Are all of your recipes original?

While becoming an experienced baker naturally evolves into some experimentation in the kitchen and creating new desserts all on my own, that also takes time, mastery, and expertise. Baking is, of course, much more of an exact science compared than cooking. Therefore, I will unashamedly admit that most of the desserts and treats I make for you are currently inspired by or directly taken from my vast baking book collection. In some cases, I have cobbled together several different recipes and/or techniques from various sources into a completely new dessert. To give credit where it is due, I tip my hat to great bakers and baking book authors such as Dorie Greenspan, Alice Medrich, Martha Stewart, Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito of Baked, Stella Parks of Serious Eats/BraveTart, Tessa Huff, and Sarah Kieffer. I have learned so much from these talented folks and can only hope that, as time goes by, that inspiration will lead me closer to developing my own masterpieces!

Can you tell me about what ingredients you use? 

I make the best efforts to use locally sourced, fresh ingredients whenever possible. I adore farmers' markets, and love to bake seasonally wherever and whenever I can. This is why you may find me a little hesitant to bake a strawberry-rhubarb pie for you in the height of fall or winter! Otherwise, most standard ingredients used in my recipes can easily be found at your local grocery store. I swear by King Arthur and Gold Medal all-purpose flours. Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate is my affordable (and still amazingly delicious and trustworthy) go-to, and thank heavens for my local Costco, from which I purchase most - if not all - of my unsalted butter!  

Why are some of your desserts more expensive than others? / Why do your prices change from time to time?

Occasionally, particular recipes may call for more expensive or unusual ingredients. In these cases, please understand when the pricing for those baked goods may fluctuate, or be different, from my standard rates. On any given day, the market can go up or down on particular ingredients. For example, the price for vanilla has sky-rocketed in recent years due to a low vanilla bean crop. As you can imagine, this is challenging for bakers because vanilla is in everything! Thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding when I need to adjust my pricing to allow for these price variances.

Above all, I truly attempt to keep my pricing reasonable, competitive, and fair to the best of my ability and knowledge. 

Can you create gluten-free desserts, or desserts that address any other special dietary or health concerns?

My best answer to this question? Talk with me. Tell me about your dietary needs and concerns, along with your flavor preferences and what you are looking for. I am always happy to work with you to find a recipe that will work for you. I have a wealth of baking knowledge at my fingertips among my baking books, and there is more coming out almost every day about baking gluten-free, or with less sugar, or dairy-free, or with alternative flours...the list goes on and on, and I am learning each and every day. I cannot always promise I will have exactly the recipe you are looking for, but I will do my very best to find something to your liking. Gluten-free baking can be a challenge, but it's not one that I am above tackling! Experimentation in the kitchen is always fun... and no one should ever be prevented from enjoying a good dessert! 

Do you provide vegan baked goods?

All due respect to those of you are vegans - I simply could not do it. Additionally, vegan baking presents an even greater challenge to me as a baker; almost more so than with gluten-free. I do have a few vegan recipes in my arsenal, but I've never been too thrilled with the results. The substitute ingredients are all too often lacking in the right flavors and chemistry, and again, I really try and shy away from anything artificial in my baked goods. I would encourage you to chat with me about what you are looking for - I am open to suggestions and ideas. However, the likelihood of my producing a variety of vegan desserts is quite small. I simply depend upon and need my butter, eggs, milk, etc.! Thank you for understanding!

I would like to order a cake with many tiers/lots of decorative piping/colored frosting/writing. You'll do that for me, right?

I would love to! However, I will - in all likelihood - refer you to a local bakery or baker who specializes in highly-decorated cakes. It's just not my forte. My cakes are typically not tiered or stacked with multiple sizes. I also possess a minimal amount of piping tips, and I really try and shy away from using artificial dyes and colorings. That's why you usually won't find me touting a red velvet cake in my menus (sorry, red velvet fans). I'm also terrible at writing with icing - the perfectionist in me simply doesn't want to give you a poorly decorated cake with some scary writing on it. This isn't to say I don't attempt to produce beautifully presented cakes. I do add a piping flourish or a dash of sprinkles now and then. I've even covered cakes completely in sprinkles - I can do that! However, detailed and overly extensive decoration - sorry, just not my thing. No kids' cakes shaped into their favorite animal or cartoon characters. "Simple elegance" is what I strive for. Take a peek at some of my photos and you'll see what I can do!

What about bite-size or mini desserts? 

The trend in recent years has been towards mini or bite-size desserts. I'm not sure if this because of dietary concerns or just the novelty of having a dessert that is diminutive or what... but it's all cool. Personally, I will eat the big piece of pie... or cake... or the giant cookie! Typically, when I cater larger events such as weddings, my specialty and preference is creating dessert tables with various desserts in their full scale, to be cut and served later. To be honest, as I am the only baker for my business, it takes more time and particular, precise effort than I am unfortunately able to afford to make several smaller versions of one dessert than just one or even two full-sized versions. I am not completely against making those cupcakes for your dessert table - they just may be scattered among a few full-sized cakes, pies, and cookies here and there. I welcome your ideas and thoughts when we meet for a consultation. Of course, if you would like to place a special, individual order of cupcakes or cookies outside of an event, I am always open to that. 

Do you do wholesale orders for cafes/shops/restaurants?

I am currently researching the possibility of providing wholesale treats for local cafes. I do not have a wholesale license at the present time, but it's something I am intrigued about as a natural progression in the growth of Neufangled Desserts. If you own a cafe or restaurant and would be interested in chatting with me, please send me an email at neufangleddesserts@gmail.com. Let's see what we can come up with!

What if I am not pleased with my order? Do you provide refunds?

I strive to provide the best quality dessert to you, in exactly the style and flavor you desired it when you placed your order. Please make sure to confirm all details of your dessert order carefully with me when you are placing it. On the occasion you may be dissatisfied with the end product, I will gladly work with you to determine what went wrong. However: once an order is placed, ingredients are purchased, and the dessert is made, please understand that your dessert order is non-refundable.

If time allows, I may attempt to rectify the situation by providing you with a replacement, or at least refer you to another local baker to possibly help you out. My aim is to always have happy and pleased customers, so you can rest assured that I will do everything I can to assist you or point you in a direction that will rectify an order that has gone awry!

Do you have employees? Are you hiring?

At the present time, I am my only employee that I can afford. This is why I am unable to take on an overwhelming amount of orders all at once, or why I usually ask for good advance notice on an order. I need time to shop and prepare!

If and when Neufangled Desserts grows and has to expand to the point where I have no choice but to take on extra help, I will certainly advertise it. In the meantime, rest assured that the dessert your order from me is hand-made completely by yours truly... and I like it like that. 

Finally...what is your favorite dessert?

I'm a sucker for a great tiramisu. Love it, and have been known to practically eat an entire pan of it myself. I've had some great tiramisus in restaurants, but I think I make the best!